Freephone number:

0800 38 38 38

What do we regard as the justification for our existence

Time is luxury

In economically difficult times, companies are resizing their personnel, meaning that the work is distributed amongst the remaining members of staff. Leisure time becomes rare for these employees and correspondingly becomes a luxury. We will take over your household chores, thus leaving you time to deal with the things that bring you pleasure, such as family, friends, hobbies and sport, etc. 


Who are we

We specialise in household cleaning

We were the first company in Switzerland to specialise in maintenance household cleaning in 2003. Our concept was designed specifically to meet the needs of private households. We currently have 1,700 employees and over 9,000 homes as customers.


What do we offer

We offer professional services for all areas of your household

You benefit from our decades of experience as a market leader. We recognise correlations and work with a focus on requirements and solutions. One of the main reasons for our success is the allocation of the right cleaners to the right households and a thorough initiation in their new working environment.


Why cleaning ladies cannot be booked online

For us, the top priority is quality is not an internet platform for booking cleaning staff online but, rather, a modern cleaning company. We believe that sustained customer satisfaction requires personal contact because this ensures that you are assigned a skilled professional who fits in well with your household.


What added value do you provide

You don’t have to worry about anything

We take over everything, from administration to scheduling to finding holiday relief for your assigned cleaner. As a customer of our cleaning agency you will benefit from many complimentary services, such as letting in service tradesmen and more (Refer to the “Standard service” section for further information.)


What security can we offer you

The cleaning agency is a member of the Collective Labour Agreement governing the cleaning sector 

Our company is governed by a Collective Labour Agreement. This ensures that all of the cleaners employed by our cleaning agency are employed on the basis of progressive and fair conditions. This, in turn, guarantees a high degree of quality in terms of the services we provide.


Why are we opposed to illicit work

Be aware of legal hiring conditions

Unfortunately, many households continue to employ cleaners illegally. This is punishable by law and also associated with great risks. Illegal employment distorts fair competition and endangers the protection of workers!