Freephone number:

0800 38 38 38

Basic services

Cleaning tasks

This service includes all necessary cleaning tasks required in a normal household


Incidental charges

The hourly rate includes all social insurance contributions, all insurance payable, all necessary licences, etc.


Journey to and from place of work

The journey to and from the place of work is included in the hourly rate. The working hours therefore only start at the place of work


Quality management

Random inspections and the supervision and improvement of our processes are carried out by our trained specialist staff



Every month we will provide you with all the relevant documentation, such as an 'schedule of hours and an invoice for services supplied.


Contact person

You can discuss any concerns you may have about your housekeeping with your Customer Consultant. This way, you can speak freely and without any language barriers.



On request, we can plan the deployment of your permanently assigned cleaner so that she is not in your home when you are absent (for example on public holidays) and, if possible, reschedule her to another day


Change of personnel

Should you not be satisfied with your permanently assigned cleaner, we will allocate you another professional cleaner as quickly as possible. All of the costs involved in the recruitment of a replacement will be borne in full by the cleaning agency


Replacement cleaner

During your cleaner's holidays, or in the case of an accident or other long-term absence, after discussion with you, your cleaner will be replaced by another trusted person


Entry of tradesmen

Should tradesmen (such as plumbers) need access to your home, they can be supervised by your cleaner while she is working


Spring and autumn cleaning We will clean windows, doors, drawers, cupboards and shelving; descale plumbing fittings; wash parking areas, etc. in line with your specific requirements. We are open to receiving such individual requests


Special cleans Should you need more cleaners after a party, for example, we would be pleased to provide you with additional cleaners