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Veritable luxury is time to enjoy the things in life that give you pleasure, such as family, hobbies, sport, etc. 



Allowing a stranger to gain an insight into your private environment is a question of trust. For this reason, our cleaning ladies cannot be booked online.The work of a cleaning lady is something that has to be treated with the utmost seriousness.



Our employees undergo a restrictive recruitment procedure, during which we check their suitability and integrity. We obtain, if necessary, references, information on prosecutions, criminal record and residence permits.



We guarantee you trustworthy cleaning ladies, who are employed in compliance with statutory regulations. 



All our agencies have a public liability insurance with cover of up to CHF 5 million in the event of damage.



We will institute immediate police proceedings against the relevant employees in the event of theft.


Moving house

As we operate throughout Switzerland, you can remain a customer of the original household cleaning company when moving house and thus continue to enjoy our services in your new home.


Contact person

You do not have to be multilingual as you will be advised on all matters in the national language.



We will relieve you of all administrative work by taking over this side of things completely. All of your needs, complaints and scheduling are managed by us.



We will take over the entire coordination of your cleaning work in relation to public holidays and the absence of your cleaning lady. We will organise an immediate replacement or will arrange an alternative date, with your permanent cleaning lady.


Service personnel

If required, your cleaner will take on the supervision of labourers, tradesmen or other persons who need access to your home. This means that you do not have to leave your place of work.


Additional services

We can offer you a large number of optional additional services (facilities management) relating to your home.