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Time savings for you

You have undoubtedly already considered employing your own cleaner. Are you aware of the complexity involved in employing someone properly? You will save yourself the following work by obtaining a cleaning lady from the cleaning agency:




Once you have decided to employ a cleaning lady, you firstly have to find a suitable person. This involves inserting an advertising, organising interviews, taking up references and obtaining information on prosecutions, obtaining the person’s criminal record and residence permits, etc. 


Employment contract

You then have to produce an employment contract, which complies with Swiss employment regulations. (Important: Take care with holiday and continued pay claims!)


Work permit

A work permit has to be obtained for foreigners with a relevant permit from the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Employment. This is chargeable. You will also receive a second invoice from the Office for Migration for the administrative work involved. 


Wage statements

You are obliged to provide your cleaning lady with monthly written wage statements.


Bank account

You will have to open a separate AHV account at a bank, which results in additional fees.


Social benefits

The AHV (social security) card has to be sent for registration to the Social Security Office of your choice.

The monthly employer’s contributions should be transferred to the bank account mentioned before, involving additional charges.

Depending on the level of employment and age of your cleaner, you will also have to deal with Accident Prevention (UVGO) and Federal Constitutional Law provisions.

You are obliged to provide an annual account to the AHV (social security) Compensation Office. The Social Insurance Office will also charge you for its work.

As you are regarded as an employer, you will be obliged to pay contributions to the Family Compensation Office.


Tax deduction
at source

Foreigners with a relevant work permit are taxed by the state at source. Adjustments have to be continually made for rate changes. You are also issued by the Cantonal Tax Office with an employer’s number and you are responsible for this payment.


Wage statement

In line with tax regulations, you have to provide your employee with a wage statement on the due date. Should you employ an external adviser to provide this service, this will entail additional expenditure for his work.


Tax declaration

The additional AHV (social security) account has to be listed on your tax declaration in the correct section.



You are legally obliged to take out accident insurance for your employee. Public liability insurance is also advisable (invariably an excess is payable in the event of a claim). 


Duty of
continued payment

Depending on your insurance, you may have to take into account a certain qualifying period and pay continued wage claims from your own pocket in the event of an accident or sickness.



Depending on the period of employment, you may have to take into account possible cancellations by your cleaning lady before the birth, but also pay for them, despite the work not having been done in full.


Employer’s certificate

Should your employee be laid off from other homes, for which she works and reports this to the unemployment insurance office, you will be required to complete an employer’s certificate every month for interim earnings. 



Your employee can ask you at any time for a performance appraisal. From an employment law point of view, you have to issue at least an employer’s certificate. 



Termination has to be done in writing and in compliance with statutory standards. You cannot terminate your cleaner’s employment during pregnancy, even if the cleaner is not or is only partially providing her services.