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Mission statement

Our company

As specialists in the cleaning of homes, we consistently orientate ourselves towards the individual needs of our customers and aim to stand out on account of our excellent value for money approach. We want to continue to extend our leading position in this segment. 

We attach great importance to professional advice and care in relation to the homecare of our customers. We set great store by customer-orientated service and services. 

We make an active contribution towards this by looking for cleaners for homes in Switzerland. In doing so we want to help prevent illicit work. In the domestic cleaning sector, we play an active role in unburdening our customers as far as their cleaning is concerned.

The constant improvement of processes is very much in the foreground throughout all areas of our company. High quality means for all of our employees that we fully meet the agreed expectations required by our customers as a matter of course, with minimal impact on the environment. Thanks to our systematic quality and environmental management system, we ensure that we meet the relevant standards. Above-average service is the result! 


Our customers

Our customers’ interests are always our focal point. This is demonstrated by our constant striving to act fairly and courteously to our customers. A fundamental criterion for achieving this is comprehensive, solution-oriented and expert consulting with a customised range of services that provides premium quality. We do our utmost to make our customers happy and satisfied so that they in turn will recommend us to others.


Our employees

We encourage our cleaning staff to engage proactively in their working environment and to develop themselves personally. Enthusiastic and motivated cleaners are the most important factor for the success of our company. You contribute to ensuring that we can offer secure, top-quality jobs.


Our cleaners enjoy a salary that is higher than average compared to the rest of the cleaning sector. We are also committed to meeting the needs of our employees whenever possible.


We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination in our company, whether it is gender-based, religious, political or related to ethnicity, skin colour, etc. All of our employees can expect proper and fair treatment. The management of our staff takes place through open communication and dialogue. We make operational and non-operational interconnections visible and support each other in our work. We want to maintain the social benefits we have already created and continue to expand them as we develop our company. For this reason, we foster very personal interaction among our employees and everyone is on a first-name basis, regardless of the hierarchical structure.


Our partners

Our business partners must fit in with our cleaning agency and are selected for the high standards of quality they provide. We want to provide for their long-term interests. With our open information policy, we allow a complete insight into our work and thus create transparency and trust. The quality of their work is subject to constant ongoing inspection. 


Our suppliers

Our suppliers regard us as a loyal and willing partner, who can be relied upon. We promote and encourage good cooperation. 


Our environment

We regard our environment as an important commodity worth protecting. We continually try to actively reduce the impact on the environment caused by our cleaning work to an absolute minimum. We ensure that we not only comply with statutory obligations but that we avoid the consumption of resources and waste, wherever feasible.


General remarks

We conscientiously uphold the terms and conditions of the relevant General Employment Contracts of the cleaning industry in Switzerland. This ensures that we employ our staff on the basis of progressive and fair conditions.