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New online portals promise much and deliver little!

Not every cleaning service can be booked online. If you want a thorough cleaning of your household, a preliminary visit to your home is indispensable. Otherwise, effective cleaning tailored to your needs will not be possible.


Expertise and reliability are just two of the qualities that set us apart.


The Cleaning Agency is the undisputed pioneer in the private household cleaning segment in Switzerland and is both a qualitative and quantitative benchmark in the industry. We are constantly working on optimising our procedures. To achieve this, regular customer surveys are conducted, and we allow our services to be analysed by external market research institutes.


In 2017, a satisfaction analysis was carried out by an external company in which more than 37% of our customers participated. It showed that less than 2% of the participants (59 customers in total) were unsatisfied with our service, which is an excellent figure. The detailed analysis can be viewed in the PDF attached.
pdfSatisfaction survey

For this reason, we do not refer to our prominent customers (seriousness and discretion are a matter of course for us) but create our profile through the outstanding services we provide. 

Our employees undergo a restrictive recruiting process to guarantee our customers the best possible service. All of our cleaning ladies have a impeccable reputation and receive training and further training in our Cleaning Academy, which was specifically set up for this purpose. 

Satisfied employees create satisfied customers; enthusiastic employees create enthusiastic customers! Exploitation and the “black market” are things of the past. All of our employees, without exception, are affiliated to the Collective Labour Agreement but are employed under significantly better conditions than required. All employees are paid a wage that is above-average for this sector and are integrated into the decision-making process. 
These factors also lead, among other things, to a below-average fluctuation of staff within our company. 

It is of the utmost concern to us to guarantee every customer the maximum in terms of quality. Naturally we also strive to maintain a constant level of quality while the contract is in force. To this end we conduct ongoing inspections, which we will assess jointly with you.

If you do not believe that we are the most progressive company in this sector, then try us out yourself. Your own experience is, after all, the best reference.

The positive media interest in our company is also helping in this respect.