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After a six-month planning phase, the “Putzfrauenagentur Adrian Gsell” sole proprietorship was founded in 2003. It was the first cleaning company in Switzerland to specialise in meeting the needs of private households. The company was converted into the Putzfrauenagentur GmbH (The Cleaning Agency) at the beginning of 2004. The company’s concept was the recipient of a renowned marketing award in the same year.

Additional branches were opened at the beginning of 2005, and the number of agencies has grown constantly since then. The Cleaning Agency currently has 14 locations and offers its services all over German- and French-speaking Switzerland.

A company-run Cleaning Academy was founded in March 2009 to further improve the quality of the services offered. Cleaning staff are trained and attend courses at this educational centre. The individual needs of our customers are always given top priority.

On 11 May 2009 the limited liability company was converted into a public limited company backdated to the start of the year. As the most innovative company in the sector, we are constantly working on optimising procedures. For this reason, we invest in new technologies such as time logging systems for to-the-minute billing and electronic inventory taking, and we are actively involved in associations like Allpura, etc.

The Cleaning Agency currently cleans over 9,000 households in Switzerland today with a workforce of around 1,700 employees.