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Relief Cleaners

We are always looking for trustworthy and reliable cleaners who are willing to fill in temporarily for our private customers
What do we offer?

Varied part-time hourly-paid employment. Lots of freedom, an innovative company with modern structures, progressive employment conditions, back office support and an attractive working environment. You can choose your geographic area yourself. We will work around your times of work and will pay you a kilometre rate for the journey to and from your place of work over and above your hourly work rate.

What will your remit be?

You will provide relief cover for our cleaners when they are absent and provide sporadic work for our private customers. Depending on requirements, your volume of work can be more or less hours per week. This means that we can take into account your personal availability. 

What qualities should you have?
As a committed person, you will working independently, swiftly and will consistently implement the company’s philosophy. Your specialist knowledge will enable you to respond to the needs of your customers. You will be 22 to 55 years old and will speak good German. You will thrive on not being tied to fixed work schedules and will appreciate flexible working hours. It is essential that you have your own vehicle to carry out this work.

How can you contact us?
Please use our application form.

We look forward to receiving your application.