Freephone number:

0800 38 38 38

An overview of our strengths:

  • Toll-free telephone accessibility
  • Geographically close to customers thanks to regional agencies
  • Personalised care thanks to a local contact person
  • Comprehensive customer advice with individualised and needs-oriented solutions
  • Open, honest and transparent communication
  • Complete transparency and no hidden costs
  • Presentation of the company and its concept at your home
  • Professional evaluation using detailed specification sheet
  • Assignment of a cleaner that suits the customer and the household
  • Professional familiarisation process for cleaners in customers’ households
  • Handling of all administrative tasks such as action plan, salary payments, organisation of substitute cleaners during absences, etc.
  • Permanently assigned cleaning staff
  • Guaranteed replacement of your cleaner in the case of dissatisfaction
  • Established substitute plan during absences of your regular cleaner
  • Only the cleaning work that was actually performed will be invoiced
  • The range of services can be adjusted at any time
  • Process monitoring and quality assurance
  • Invoice with detailed overview of the cleaning work performed
  • A high degree of reliability and discreet staff
  • Professional damages management
  • Comprehensive insurance solution for customers and employees
  • The first and only Cleaning Academy in Switzerland with regional branches
  • Courses and further training for cleaning staff
  • Precise time logging in the future using an app with to-the-minute billing
  • We are pioneers in household cleaning with over 16 years of experience
  • Proven concept with clear procedures (awarded a prize for marketing)
  • Straightforward house key management with colour-coded system
  • Quantitatively and verifiably the number one company with more than 9,000 households as customers
  • Qualitative benchmark in the industry
  • Switzerland-wide range of comprehensive services (not including Ticino)
  • Industry-specific low rates of staff turnover
  • We employ over 1,700 cleaners throughout Switzerland
  • Salaries for cleaners are higher than those stipulated by the Collective Labour Agreement contract and are more attractive
  • Internal supervision of cleaners by managers
  • Professional employment permits to legitimise cleaners to neighbours