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Your ecological contribution makes the difference!

We consider our environment as important and worth protecting. We therefore actively attempt to reduce the environmental damage of our cleaning activity to an absolute minimum.

That’s the reason why we offer you some interesting products which are biodegradable and enable to clean your household in an environmentally friendly way.

Using these products will both protect our environment and save you money in the long run. By using them, you can save up to 60% on regular cleaning products, allowing you to recoup your investment within the first year. It will also increase the productivity of your cleaner, resulting in a more thorough cleaning during the scheduled time available.

We guarantee you a long durability if you use them in accordance with the regulation.


Universal Reinigungs- und Polierstein Universal cleaning and polishing stone
Cleans, tends, polishes and
preserves at the same time
(box of 700g, cleaning sponge inclusive)

27.76 CHF plus VAT

Reinigungstücher mit elektrostatischem Staubwedel Cleaning cloths with electrostatic feather duster
Microfibre cloth for kitchen, bathroom, glass and polishing,
including cotton cloth and feather duster
(set of six pieces with proved color system)

55.62 CHF plus VAT

Bodengerät inkl. Mikrofaser-Mopp Floor system, microfibre mop inclusive
Special telescopic rod coated with antigliss material
(set of two pieces)

41.78 CHF plus VAT

Mikrofaser-Ersatzmopp Additional microfibre mop
Use for hard and sealed floors
(suitable for any standard floor plate)

18.48 CHF plus VAT

Baumwoll-Mopp Additional cotton mop
Use for hard and unsealed floors
(suitable for any standard floor plate) 

18.48 CHF plus VAT

Thank you very much for your contribution to protect our environment.